Die Geschichte der Bayernpartei

1947: Urprogramm

Das Programm musste zur Vorlage und Genehmigung durch die Besatzungsbehörden in englischer Sprache ausgefertigt werden.



  1. After the breakdown of the Hitler Reich and after the cessation of the German Reich as a state by surrender, we have the following objectives:
    1. The complete reorganisation of the Bavarian State under maintenance of German Economic Union b) The creation of the "United States of Europe" on the basis of self-determination and the equality of rights for all European States and Länder.
    2. Organization and development of a Pan-European Economic Union with the objectives of being connected to the World Economic Union.
    3. Establishment of a Pan-European (Economic Union) security council, which simultaneously will be a link to the world security council.
    4. Foundation of a World State
  2. We are aiming at repatriating all evacuates and foreigners to their countries in order to get room for the refugees from the East.
  3. We are aiming at a speedy and just denazification, free from hatred and revenge according to the law for denazification, issued for the US-Zone. Political investigation of all non-Bavarians as well as removal of monuments and street names, reminding of the Prussian General Staff or Nationalsocialism.
  4. We are aiming at full freedom of religion and conscience, at the religious education of the youth, ensuring the rights of education by the parents or other persons, with educational rights. The Christian ideology of the Bavarian people will be given due regard.
  5. We are aiming at the preservation of a healthy Bavarian peasantry and the modernisation and intensification of our agriculture, electrification of all Bavarian railroads, industries and households.
  6. We are aiming at the organisation of democratic civil servants safeguarding efficiency and promotion of all gifted persons. Elimination of militarism in all leading official positions.
  7. We are aiming at the equality if all citizens before the law, desideration not being given to race, birth or religion. Modern execution of penalties.
  8. We are aiming at a just legislation and a real social minimum of existence for everybody
  9. We are aiming at the systematic transition to a free economy. Protection of personal property against corruption.
  10. We are aiming at a just wage-policy and the organization and development of social institutions for the protection of the working-classes and their families.
  11. We are aiming at the accelerated reconstruction of the towns and villages destroyed by the impact of war. Reparation of war-damages. Care for our victims of the war by the state.
  12. We are aiming at the promotion of all real art, literature and sciencies.

For Peace, Freedom, Security and Justice